Associazione B.N.O. / Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna

SIJ 2022 – Competition rules (Eng)

Scrivere in Jazz 2022″ – 17th edition
International Competition in Composition and Arrangement for Jazz Orchestra

Competition Rules

Art. 1 The competition is open to musicians of all nationalities.

Art. 2 The competition is divided into three categories:

Category A. Compositions based upon or inspired by ethnic music from Sardinia
Category B. Original free compositions
Category C. Arrangements

Music compositions in category A must be based on the traditional Sardinian themes: La Tasgia
Some examples of these themes can be downloaded clicking here

Section B is dedicated exclusively to compositions by students regularly enrolled in conservatories and legally recognized music schools, both Italian and foreign.

The arrangements in category C must be written on Gianluigi Trovesi’s music, which can be downloaded clicking here

Art. 3 All the compositions of the A and B categories and the arrangements of the C category must have one or more improvised soloist parts, by any instruments within the orchestra.

Art. 4 The pieces of the A and B categories and the arrangements of the C category must be written for the following ensemble:

1st Alto Sax (optional Soprano Sax)
2nd Alto Sax (optional Clarinet)
1st Tenor Sax
2nd Tenor Sax
Baritone Sax
1st Trumpet (optional Flugelhorn)
2nd Trumpet (optional Flugelhorn)
3rd Trumpet (optional Flugelhorn)
4th Trumpet (optional Flugelhorn)
1st  French Horn
2nd French Horn
Tenor Trombone
Bass Trombone
Double Bass (optional Electric Bass)

All the above instruments must be included. Pieces written for a different set of instruments will not be considered.

Art. 5 Composers can participate in categories A, B and C, but choosing no more than two of them. Only one piece of music per category can be submitted. The compositions should not be longer than ten minutes. Compositions submitted in past editions of “Scrivere in Jazz” will not be considered. Entrants in past editions can participate, but not in the same category they previously won a prize.

Art. 6 Scores will have to include all the signs of dynamics and tempo markings, otherwise there will be the exclusion from the competition, and it must be shown the category in which one wants to participate in. An audio support of the score (midi mp3 file) is also required.

All scores and media supports, in order to guarantee anonymity, should not be signed or marked in any way that would lead to the authors, but they will have a motto that will be included in the registration form.

A copy of the score (as a PDF), mp3 midi file, registration form (it can be downloaded at the website) and the receipt of payment of the entry fee must be sent by and not later than the 10th of june 2022 by using a file sender app (e.g. WeTransfer) to our email address “

The competitors that will be chosen for the final part of the competition, from 5 days of the knowledge of the admission, will have to send a copy of the single parts of each instrument (as a PDF) clearly written in respect of the score and with all the dynamics and tempo markings, and also pay a contribution fee of 10,00 Euros for the printing of the scores and single parts.

Admission fee is 30,00 Euros for each category.

Payments can be made by:

Bank Transfer payable to:

Associazione Blue Note Orchestra
IBAN: IT49 C010 1517 2000 0000 0043377

or (only if sent from Italy)

Postal Order payable to:
Associazione Blue Note Orchestra
Via Cilea, 53
07100 Sassari (Italy) 

Art. 7 The selecting committee, formed by some of the most authoritative Italian and foreign jazz-musicians, will select 6 to 9 pieces for the final phase of the competition. These will be played by the Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna during the closing nights of the competition.
Art. 8 During the final concerts, to be held in Sassari during September 2022, the jury will announce the winning of each section. The audience and the orchestra will  play an active role in the selection of winners. Every spectator will receive a card which they will use to indicate their choice for each category. Audience and orchestra, considered as additional members of the judging panel, will have one vote each. 

The winning prizes in money are:

category A: € 2.000,00 gross
category B: € 1.500,00 gross
category C: € 1.500,00 gross

Each of the finalists present at the closing nights of the competition will receive a reimbursement of their travel expenses up to a maximum of € 500,00 (according to the place they have come from). The finalists should contact the organisation to agree upon the means of travelling. The jury, whose judgement is final, reserves the right to jointly award the winning prizes if there are other deserving music pieces, or not to hand out one or more of the money prizes.

Art. 9 The winning compositions and arrangements could be included in the musical programmes or compact discs produced by the Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna. The event may also be filmed either in part or entirely for radio or television recordings with promotional intentions; the candidates, however, cannot claim any rights apart for those provided by the law on author’s rights.

For further information about the Competition and the Orchestra Jazz della Sardegna please contact:



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